Holistic Approach to Health

The therapies I use are truly holistic and offer a different paradigm of healthcare compared to the medical model. I combine my knowledge of the allopathic medical system with modern and traditional healing techniques. These therapies are also a fusion of Eastern and Western medicine. With over 30 years of nursing experience, reaching an expert level in my professional development, I bring a comprehensive approach to healing. Alongside this experience, I have studied, researched, and practiced other modes of holistic therapies such as biomodulator therapy, herbal and essential oil studies, as well as having a strong interest in and understanding of nutrition.


Your health is a complex relationship between the body, mind, and spirit. You have the innate ability to heal, and I offer you tools to help you along this journey. Just as healthy plants need quality soil, the terrain is everything when it comes to our health. Our health is largely in our own hands, and the journey towards optimal health can be facilitated by maximizing the electron donors (things that increase energy and well-being) and minimising the energy stealers in our lives (things that decrease our energy and well-being). Your health is an accumulation of what you started with in life and the balance of all the positive and negative impacts on your energy.

Our body and cells need voltage or energy to work; without enough voltage, the body can’t heal. We need to be in a positive balance to have enough energy to get well and stay well. We are designed to be self-healing; however, if our energy or voltage has become too low, chronic disease and pain can occur. The biomodulator and biotransducer transfer electrons to your body, giving you the energy to help you heal.

The Body Electric

The body works on electricity. Cells are designed to run at -25 millivolts of energy. We are familiar with the body electric concept medically. For example, the ECG or electrocardiogram measures the electricity in the heart, and the EEG or electroencephalograph measures the electricity going through the brain. We need electricity to live; for example, when someone has a heart attack and they are put on a monitor, if they are flat-lining or have no electrical output, they have passed away.

Cells have two batteries (energy sources), the cell membrane and also the muscles. Our muscles are like batteries in our bodies; when we exercise them, they store energy. The fascia around the muscles is the electrical conduction system of the body. The muscles are stacked similarly to batteries in a battery pack. The battery pack for each organ supplies energy to it. According to Dr. Jerry Tennant, who developed the biomodulator, each battery pack is an acupuncture meridian. We are constantly wearing ourselves out and need to make new cells to replace the worn-out cells. Making new cells that work requires -50 millivolts of energy, all the nutrients needed to make cells, and the elimination of the things that damage cells.

When a battery pack flips polarity (like an upside down battery) it cannot hold a charge and you cannot make new healthy cells. The initial effects of low voltage are low energy, tiredness, fatigue, then illness and chronic pain. As voltage drops, less oxygen gets to the cells. When the voltage gets very low chronic disease and cancer can develop. 

My Approach

When you have chronic illness, it is important to look at what has caused your body voltage to be low and conversely to do as many things as possible to increase your voltage and supply of electrons. An analogy of electron donors and stealers is your bank account. To have a healthy account, you need to have money going in as well as coming out. If you keep making withdrawals and no deposits, sooner or later, it doesn’t matter what you do, the system will not allow you to take any more, and you become bankrupt. In this way, your health can become bankrupt. There is usually a way to fix this, and so it is with health. I can help you by working with you to identify the energy stealers affecting your health. The most common causes are emotions, stress, scars, dental infections, hypothyroidism, toxins including genetically modified foods, pharmaceuticals, harmful electromagnetic frequencies, and lack of good water. The biomodulator can assess which meridians are low and use frequencies and voltage to increase cellular energy. It’s interesting that when we are feeling tired and drained, we often say we need to ‘recharge our batteries’. The biomodulator will literally charge your batteries. Rather than looking at a single symptom or giving a single solution such as a pill, which usually only serves to decrease symptoms and does not address the cause, I look for the root cause and use many tools and suggestions to support your health.

I use holistic therapies designed to add more energy to your system. I can also give you information and resources about other therapies that may be helpful to you. As well as increasing voltage with the biomodulator and biotransducer, there are many things that you can do to increase your voltage.


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