I went to see Ingrid at the recommendation of an integrative physician when I hadn’t been sleeping through the night for several months due to chronic stress. The senergy treatment calmed my nervous system so effectively and quickly I began sleeping through the night from the first session. Ingrid is a very knowledgable practitioner with decades of experience in the health sector. I cannot recommend these treatments highly enough.


This stuff is great! The chest balm cleared my airways and helped with congestion, and it’s much gentler than Vicks.


I went to Ingrid for treatment when I broke my arm last year (2023). It was a complex fracture which needed surgery to fix and, given my age (59 at the time) I was concerned about how long it might take to heal and that there might be permanent loss of mobility. I had six sessions with Ingrid. I also rented a biomodulator for the first 4 weeks and gave myself daily treatments.  It’s fair to say my recovery has been pretty much pain free and that it has been faster and more complete than I ever expected. Each time I went back for a check up, the doctors at the orthopaedic clinic seemed visibly surprised at how well I was doing, and how much mobility I had recovered. The treatments were also very pleasant and relaxing and gave me a real boost at what was a pretty busy and stressful time for me.

Liz C—Wellington

The Calendula Balm is an excellent lubricant, better than anything else on the market. I can highly recommend it.


I bought the Antifungal Balm because my feet were a mess right at that time—I had a fungal infection and my feet were also cracked and peeling a bit…really yucky! The balm seemed to clear it up in just a few days and I was very grateful.


I recommend the Hypericum Balm ointment, thanks to which I can walk without pain all day after applying it to my ankle.

Halina—Lower Hutt

I was so happy to find these beautiful skincare products and I have bought the facial oil and Kawakawa Balm on repeat for a while now and can’t find anything better! have dry skin and also suffer from psoriasis so my skin Doesn’t tolerate anything synthetic. I love using Holistic Recharge’s Kawakawa balm as a healing tonic for my skin as its essential oils and its medicinal qualities both soothe and heal any flare-ups. 

Using the facial oil feels like a visit to the spa as just a few drops smells divine and leaves my skin so soft without feeling oily. The essential oils within the balm and in the facial oil give a wonderful feeling of calm and well-being as well as soothes and moisturises my skin. I also love the quality of the natural ingredients and the beautiful glass bottles and jars. The balm and facial oil are very reasonably priced compared to other products on the market. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these fabulous holistic skin care products that soothe, moisturise, calm and heal. I love them so much I give the Kawakawa Balm to many tourists and guests as a special healing gift that has many practical uses from healing insect bites to moisturising dry skin.  I always receive such wonderful feedback and one guest used the Kawakawa Balm for sand fly bites that wouldn’t heal and the balm cleared them up in a couple of days.


After a hike in boots, my sister got blisters, the Hypericum salve worked so well to reduce the pain, Magic. She gardens for a living, perfect on her achy back at the end of the day. I left it with her and want to replace it with the bigger pottle.


I use Hypericum Balm when I have a flare-up over an area on my back where I had shingles a few years ago. It gets itchy and tingly, it’s sort of hard to explain the sensation. My husband applies the balm and it works in a few minutes. A little goes a long way. It’s brilliant!


I used the Kawawa Balm on some chafing and a rash on my hand. ‘Worked like magic’!


I have been using both the Kawakawa Balm and the Skin Healing Balm throughout the last year for skin problems. When I apply the Kawakawa Balm I find it takes away the pain and discomfort and promotes healing. A little goes a long way. It has worked well to combat the skin infections I have had. It is a useful addition to our first aid kit as we use it on scratches to prevent infection and bites to reduce itchiness. The Skin Healing Balm is very soothing also and has helped reduce scarring. I had a carbuncle and applied this twice a day. The wound healed quickly and there was no scar. An added bonus of the Skin Healing Balm is it is non-greasy so I am happy to use it on dry patches on my face. I highly recommend these products.


I’ve been using Ingrid’s products for over nine months. My favourite is the deodorant. A little pot lasts about three months. Absolutely love it.


Dear Ingrid, thank you for all the balancing treatments I have and still will receive from you! After my visits I am leaving with a light feeling, more joyful and almost with a skip in my step. Your knowledge about the body connections and natural ways of treating health problems are amazing as well, I am always going away with new insights :)

These products are effective and high-quality. I love to use and gift them to family and friends and they all appreciate them like me!

MP—Lower Hutt

Excellent health practitioner, would totally recommend. I saw Ingrid as I thought I would need surgery for my health issues and was totally overwhelmed and worn out with stress because I could not afford this. Ingrid has had vast experience in both medical and natural treatments.  My health issues of long-term skin infections, chronic pain, and gallstones have all been treated successfully without surgery costs and surgery recovery time. What makes Ingrid so outstanding are her listening skills, thorough questioning, and immense knowledge. Also her simple advice of telling me to trust my intuition, and to listen to my body has helped my healing path. Ingrid has also given me confidence as well as pushing me to grow.

Your products are gentle replenishing and nourishing. The face healing oil and cleanser and like are an aromatic mini spa every time I use them. My skin just feels better. 

You are a truly inspiring healer. Thank you for your healing wisdom and energy.


Anne T—Wellington

For the past 10 years or so, me and my family have had the pleasure of Ingrid’s treatments for a variety of issues; general aches and pains, migraines, back pain, skin care, dietary advice, dealing with stress and anxiety, healing broken bones and even broken hearts and deep grief. Ingrid has an innate ability to holistically treat us for whatever is causing us issues by combining her professional background as a nurse with a depth of knowledge of and passion for alternative therapies.

I highly recommend working with Ingrid. She is professional, extremely knowledgeable, a great listener, very kind and compassionate and has been invaluable for my family’s health and wellbeing.

I cannot thank you enough, Ingrid!

Lotta E—Wellington

Thanks for your work it’s life-changing/saving.

Raewyn—Lower Hutt

I started seeing Ingrid after years of chronic pain. I had tried numerous pain meds, too many to name. They left me feeling sick, nauseous, tired or all three together! But nothing has worked to rid me of pain. After only the first couple of sessions with Ingrid I noticed a difference. I slept better, felt more energetic and my pain less! Although I am not pain-free yet, I am no longer taking any pain meds for the first time in years. I am confident with a few more sessions I will be well on the way to a full recovery. Ingrid’s professionalism and knowledge of how the body works and repairs itself through the biomodulator are outstanding. I highly recommend her.

AMP—Upper Hutt

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