Main Causes of Low Voltage

There are many things that lower the body’s voltage. The root causes are:

1. Dental Infections

The teeth are like circuit breakers in your electrical system, also known as the acupuncture meridian system. When you have a circuit breaker flip in your house, you know that no matter how many times you try turning on the lights on that circuit, they’re not going to work because the circuit breaker is tripped. Dental infections will do the same thing in the body and can be a source of constant loss of voltage. Dental infections can be in root canals, gums, bone, amalgams or crowns.

2. Toxins

Toxins can cause the body harm and lower its voltage. They can include, chemical (for example pesticides, herbicides, drugs and alcohol), metal, microbial or airborne toxins. Toxins can cause your cells not to reproduce like they should and cause your voltage to be lowered.

3. Scars

Scars can cause a physical block to the energy highways/acupuncture meridians that lead to the organ systems of the body.

4. Thyroid Hormone

Since there are thyroid receptors on every cell of your body, the thyroid must be optimized. If it is not, there is a very large voltage drain on all the circuits of the body.

5. Emotions

Emotional turmoil can become a physical drain on the body and lower the energy (voltage) in an acupuncture meridian. Each meridian is associated with a different emotion. When the voltage is low in that meridian, that emotion becomes dominant and problematic.

Organ Emotion
Liver/Gall bladder Anger
Kidney/Bladder Fear
Spleen-pancreas/Stomach Worry
Heart/Small intestine Sadness
Lung/Large intestine Grief
Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Anxiety


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