I work from a place of honesty, integrity and a true desire to help you in your health journey.

Ingrid McEnaney

Qualifications and Courses
  • Diploma Nursing
  • Bachelor Nursing
  • Diploma in Herbal Medicine
  • Certificate in Biomodulator Therapy
  • Courses in Aromatherapy and Myofascial Release

I practised as a registered nurse for 33 years across various fields, including endocrine, diabetes, surgical (across multiple specialities), and anaesthetic pre-assessment.

What led me to practise biomodulator therapy?

Health is my calling, it has been my career and an avid interest. Many years ago as I saw the limitations of the mainstream medical system I began researching nutrition and natural health.

I was well along the track of my passion for natural medicine when I was attending a course that included a session given by a therapist practising biomodulator therapy. It sounded interesting but at the time I felt no desire to pursue it. Around the same time my mother had fractured her foot, the type of fracture she sustained often doesn’t heal well and frequently needs surgery. There had been a delay in the break being diagnosed and when it was her leg was immobilised in a moon boot. After six weeks she had an x-ray and there was no healing at all. During an outing with my mother, we bumped into my old yoga teacher who told us that in the past she had the same fracture and had healed it in a few weeks with a device. It got me wondering if it was a biomodulator.

That same afternoon, I was checking my emails and there was one from the biomodulator therapist, explaining she was going overseas for a few months, and offering to hire her devices. This all seemed like divine intervention, so I replied in the affirmative. Mum used the device for about two weeks and she also regularly applied a comfrey (knitbone) balm I made for her. She then had another appointment at the fracture clinic. After the x-ray she saw the doctor, and I asked with anticipation what it showed. The doctor’s words were “I cannot even see where the break was, it is completely healed”. From that moment I knew the biomodulator could be a profound tool in healing and I was excited to learn more. I bought my first device in 2015.

Holistic Recharge Recharge to Heal

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