Becoming Well

When we’re unwell, we often seek a singular solution or remedy to fix the problem. Sometimes, especially with acute issues, a simple action can resolve the problem, or if our body has the energy, it can overcome the issue on its own. For instance, a minor pain might resolve itself over time, or pain relief medication might provide temporary relief. While these remedies can be helpful in the short term, they don’t necessarily contribute to our body’s energy reserves. Alternatively, using herbs or essential oils can work synergistically with our body’s frequencies to boost healing energy. In some cases, a single biomodulator treatment might suffice because our body has sufficient voltage to heal.

However, when dealing with chronic illness, it’s a different story, akin to renovating an old house. You may love the house and envision restoring it to its former glory, but it won’t happen overnight. Simply replacing rotten boards won’t suffice if the roof is leaking and the drains aren’t working. Similarly, addressing chronic health issues requires a comprehensive approach. Most medications function like paint, covering up symptoms without addressing underlying issues. The deterioration in your body continues, albeit masked by the medication.

In chronic illness, it’s essential to identify the root causes of low body voltage and take steps to increase the supply of electrons and oxygen to your system. To be well you need to give your cells, your body, the things it needs to be healthy. These are: good nutrition and voltage, and the ability to eliminate toxins. You need good water, organic food (with sufficient good fats and proteins, vitamins and minerals) oxygen, and sunshine.


Healing from chronic illness requires a multifaceted approach. While it may not always be feasible to do everything simultaneously, there are small, impactful actions we can incorporate into our daily lives. For example, drinking quality water infused with sunlight can boost your body’s voltage. Walking barefoot on grass or wet sand near the sea allows you to absorb healing frequencies from the earth and recharge with the Schumann resonance from the sky. There are many sources of electron donors, from swimming in the sea to patting a pet.

By adopting a holistic approach and implementing simple yet effective practices, you can support your body’s natural healing abilities. Ultimately, your body’s capacity to heal is greater than you may have been led to believe.


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