Six-step Protocol

The six-step protocol is designed to correct the flow and balance of energy in your body, and add voltage to the cells.

If you are very well and have an acute injury it will not be necessary to do the whole six-step protocol. However, if a person (who in addition to an injury) has chronic health issues such as diabetes or heart disease, or the injury has become a chronic problem it’s more than likely the body will not hold the energy at, say, a hurt knee. The body will divert the energy to the body’s organs that need more voltage. Any time there is a deficit in the body, the voltage will be taken to the area of highest need e.g. the organs first. Therefore, that person may not feel an immediate relief from their knee problem. This is why initially doing the six-step protocol is important, because it helps bring the body back into balance and charges our muscle battery packs.

Step 1—Recharge the primary voltage circuit

An accessory called the y electrode attached to the biomodulator is placed at the back of the neck at the hairline, frequencies come through the electrode to recharge the liver/gallbladder circuit.

Step 2—Balance Autonomic Nervous System (Bowling ball syndrome)

The biomodulator is placed on the sternocleidomastoid muscle on the side of the neck. As well as balancing the autonomic nervous system this helps with emotional balance. See ‘Autonomic nervous system balancing’ for a detailed description.

Step 3—Reset autonomic ganglia

The y electrode is placed at the top of the back of the neck and slides down both sides of the spine 10 times, this puts energy into all the nerves coming out of the spine.

Step 4—Balance polarity

The Biotransducer is positioned at the crown of the head to correct the polarity of all circuits. One way to understand the concept of polarity is to think about how batteries work, they have a positive and negative polarity. If you put a battery in a torch upside down it won’t hold a charge and the torch won’t work. Similarly, if your polarity is not correct you will not hold on to the voltage put in your system.

Step 5—Turn on organs/Activate fetal wiring system

The Biotransducer is directed at the belly button, and this turns on the body’s original wiring system found at the umbilicus. This connects to all the organs and allows all the meridians to be charged.

Step 6—Total Body Recharge

In this step, you have your hands on handgrips and your feet on footplates, healing frequencies (solfeggio) are reaching all meridians for complete recharge. This is very relaxing and healing. We can use a version of this step with handgrips only, to work on reducing anxiety and the stress of past traumas. The biomodulator is producing harmonious frequencies while the client thinks about an event that causes stress. This does not take away the memory of the event but helps to lessen the heightened emotions around it. The client does not talk about the event, they just have to know what it was.

Autonomic Nervous System Balancing

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) works automatically. It switches from sympathetic (fight or flight mode) to parasympathetic (rest and digest mode). You can get stuck in sympathetic on, and this places stress on the body.  The affect it has on the muscles causes the body to be in a twisted profile. This can also lead to bowling ball syndrome. This was described by Robert Boyd an osteopath from Ireland. He stated that the head weighs about the same as a bowling ball. Because it weighs so much, the bowling ball will shift to keep the head in balance. Misalignment of the head can affect the flow of cerebral spinal fluid and even block the cranio sacral pump. The cranio sacral pump can lock resulting in a general decrease in function of the entire nervous system.

This can cause sinus and nasal obstruction, snoring, persistent headaches and neck aches, and temporomandibular joint pain. Other effects of this are autonomic block where organs above or below the diaphragm don’t get their share of voltage, sacral locking with back pain, ileocoecal valve syndrome and GERD. The digestive valves are under the control of the ANS. Parasympathetic closes the valves, and sympathetic opens them. If the ileocoecal valves are stuck open you can have symptoms of low back pain, right sided pelvic or shoulder pain, high blood pressure, nausea, headaches, dizziness and bowel dysfunction.

Primary causes of ‘sympathetic on’ are stress, unresolved emotional issues, and wisdom teeth infections. Eating foods you are sensitive to can also affect the ileocoecal valve. The digestive valves can be closed with the biotransducer or biomodulator. The bowling ball syndrome and locked cranio sacral pump are treated by recharging the parasympathetic system via the sternocleidomastoid muscle located on the neck. So much illness and pain is caused by stress and sympathetic dominance, the body heals when it is relaxed, in the parasympathetic state. When you are in fight or flight, running away from the ‘tiger’, your body’s energy is going into the processes needed for immediate survival, which doesn’t include healing and recovering from what ails you! Just getting you back into the parasympathetic state allows your body to start focussing on getting better.


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